Virtual WaveMatrix


WaveMatrix is an enhanced digital replacement for analogue matrix systems commonly used in CCTV control rooms.  It is a “virtual matrix” display app designed to work in conjunction with Wavestore’s video recording and management software and allows operators, using either a mouse or a joystick, to control which camera’s images are displayed on a monitor wall.

A major advantage that WaveMatrix has to offer compared to traditional analogue matrix is that it can display images captured by high resolution HD  and megapixel cameras without having to downscale them to PAL or NTSC resolution. It also provides users with the option to display analogue and HD cameras alongside each other in a wide range of user configurable formats e.g. 3×2, 8×2, 5×4.

The WaveMatrix app has three components:

  • WaveMatrix Control desktop software that is used to control the monitor wall.
  • WaveMatrix Display a display controller that drives the monitors. Each WaveMatrix Display device can drive up to four screens and can be connected to a Wavestore server using the Wavestore SDK functionality to retrieve video.
  • WaveMatrix Config – an easy to use configuration tool.

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