Vigitron unveils MaxiiCopper ethernet extenders at Intersec 2017

Vigitron unveils MaxiiCopper ethernet extenders at InterSec 2017

Vigitron unveils MaxiiCopper ethernet extenders at Intersec 2017

Vigitron, a leading US-based designer and manufacturer of infrastructure solutions for analog, IP and HD transmission systems, has unveiled two MaxiiCopper ethernet extenders at Intersec 2017, which offer new methods for converting analogue data to IP, the company says.

The Vi3202 uses existing 12 or 24 volt D.C. or A.C. power sources commonly found in analog PTZ dome applications, and convert the available power providing up to 60 watts PoE for powering the highest power requirements for PoE PTZ domes.

The ability to provide up to 60 watts eliminates the need for power and in many cases is able to provide all the power required for PTZ, heater and blower requirements, Vigitron says. Analog PTZ domes commonly use coax cable as a means of transmission. Distances can reach up to 300 meters or three times the standard distance for IP transmission. The Vi3202 contains a built in coax IP data extender capable of transmitting over coax for distances up to 1515 metres.

The Vi3202 provides a drop and insert method for easily converting analog systems to IP without having to change existing power source or cabling. This is said to greatly reduce installation costs.

The Vi3004 and Vi3004LV provides drop and insert over both fibre and copper cables. These units contain a built-in Layer 2 network switch and fibre-to-copper media converter. The Vi3004 can be powered by a 120Volt/60 Hz or a 240Volt/50Hz source.

The Vi3004LV can be powered by either a 12Volt or 24Volt, D.C. or A.C power source. The latter offers the flexibility for applications where mains power sources are not available. Depending on the input power source, copper ports can provide up to 60 watts shared between the two copper ports eliminating the need for local device power. Given the ability to media convert and built in network switching, various transmission combinations can be realized using both copper and fiber while eliminating the need for running multiple cables.

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