Vietnam and UK beef up cooperation in security


Vietnam stands ready to share information and boost comprehensive, effective and intensive cooperation with the UK in security and home affairs, Ambassador Nguyen Hoang Long told UK Home Secretary Priti Patel in London on July 19.

Long spoke highly of collaboration between the two countries over the past time, with cooperation in security and home affairs the main pillar as stated in the “Joint Statement on the Vietnam-UK Strategic Partnership: Development Orientation in the Next 10 Years” in 2020.

Patel thanked Vietnam for its cooperation in handling specific issues to facilitate people-to-people exchanges and raise mutual understanding, for the sake of the two peoples.

She stressed the need to officialise cooperation activities between the two countries, and improve capacity and skills of relevant agencies in the implementation of joint cooperation programmes.

Long suggested the minister create optimal conditions for the Vietnamese community and students to live, work and study in the UK, and make more contributions to the bilateral friendship and collaboration.

Patel pledged support to Vietnam, the Vietnamese Embassy and the ambassador in realising concrete measures to step up the strategic partnership.


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