ViDiCore launches new Fuho mobile recording devices

ViDiCore mobile CCTV


ViDiCore mobile CCTV

ViDiCore mobile CCTV

Fuho mobile recorders MR1 and MR2 are mobile recording devices with 1 or 2 built-in cameras, suitable for all types of vehicles.

Whether for sports events, taxi surveillance, holiday trips, route control, driving schools, safety trainings or busses, these easy to install recorder solutions offer a high image quality (up to full HD 1080p) with special features: accelerometer, satellite receiver for GPS, GPS speed indicator, GPS positioning (including Google maps analytics function for visualization of the recorded files after the trip), synchronous playback of both camera signals, a variety of export functions as well as automatically emergency recording in case of causing an accident (G sensor recognizes abnormal accelerations and starts recording automatically).

Independent from camera recordings, additionally single frames of important scenes can be recorded. Both types of mobile recorders are disposing of built-in microphones with automatic gain control for audio recording. The camera recordings and the single frames are stored on SD/Micro-SD cards offering up to 7 hours of continuous recording (32GB). MR1 is additionally equipped with a TFT LCD screen; it enables an easy set up of all functions and real-time tracking of all recordings via remote controller. The mobile recorders are shipped with an easy-to-use software which can be quickly installed on PC and manage the movie and sound files, the routes on Google maps and all the export functions (standard video formats).

Thanks to the convenient format (11cm x 6cm x 3cm) and the preset configuration, the devices can be installed within seconds and are ready for use. The power supply will be provided via an included cigarette lighter adapter. All devices are shipped with the necessary mountings, 5V adapter, SD/Micro-SD card, USB card reader, USB cable, preconfigured software and a Quick Start Guide.

Fuho mobile is a product of ViDiCore KG.

Contact details for prices and availability
0049 2433 44691000

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