Videx Introduces Hands Free Video Monitor

Videx has introduced a hands free video monitor to complement its 6000 series videophone range that provides access control solutions to residential properties across the UK.

Video door entry is becoming an increasingly popular way to manage door entry to and from a property due to the enhanced security measures it provides.

Neil Thomas, National Sales Manager at Videx, said: “The 6300 series is a cost effective solution for a hands free video intercom system offering features normally only associated with higher priced products. The 6300 adds to the existing 6000 series which includes the 6200 Series with telephone handset as opposed to hands free speech and can be used together on the same system.”

“What’s more, with the 6300 series there are four tactile switches for operating the call answer, door release, privacy and other services making the system simple to operate. There’s also a number of programmable features such as ring tone, privacy time and number of rings allowing each apartment to be customised to the client’s needs.”

Currently the monitors are available for the VX2200 6 wire system, VX2300 2 wire system and video kits enabling these monitors to be used in one apartment systems to high rise systems with up to 1000 apartments. The monitors are a low profile surface mount finished in an attractive satin white. The low profile design negates the need to flush fit the device and the connections are all plug type for ease of installation, reducing installation time and, in turn, increasing cost savings.

Additionally, the 6200 and 6300 Series are available with memory video enabling a still picture to be taken of a caller with time and date stamp to record the time of the call. The picture can be taken manually or set to automatically take a picture when the call button is pressed enabling the client to review missed calls when they return.

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