Video production is more important than ever to promote your company and your products. There’s an estimated 14 videos a second being added to YouTube, and not all of them are dancing cats! In fact, quite a few of them are your competitors, pushing their products and expertise to your customers.When it comes to video, what is your company strategy? To engage with the millions of people using YouTube or stand back and let others steal the limelight?

Video can fit into your marketing strategy in a number of different ways:

  • Create a corporate DVD – the classic video brochure
  • Showcase a success story with a video case study
  • Interview a key member of staff to demonstrate your technical capabilities and market knowledge
  • Interview a customer for a video testimonial
  • Create a video news release and distribute it to the security media and beyond
  • Or go for something wacky or humorous, for the viral vote

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