Video surveillance solution in agricultural cooperative

Cooperativa Agrícola Tandil, an agricultural company, located Buenos Aires, Argentina, needed a video surveillance solution centralized to monitor their silos plants located in a distant land five kilometres out of town. The monitoring system should cover five hectares occupying the cooperative’s premises, while the internal distance between the camera and the monitoring station was about 500 meters.


According to integrators Alejandro Fernandez and Claudio Salvi, project managers, the biggest challenge was to strategically place the cameras and links to achieve stable communication between the camera and the monitoring station.


In order to connect the AirLive BU-3025 and BC-5010-4MM IP cameras were installed eight AirMax5N 5GHz CPE linked to the LAN, getting a high quality signal wireless.

AirLive BU-3025 provides monitoring indoor / outdoor 24 hours, even under adverse weather conditions, and high-resolution CMOS sensor with infrared LEDs that offer a large range of 25 meters. Meanwhile, BC-5010 provides a resolution of 5 megapixels of high quality and great flexibility through varifocal lenses. Besides that it had a casing for its function outside is well covered, ACC-BOXCAM-IR30.

Notably, especially camera placed inside the booth where the goods are unloaded allows the weight check. Thus it can be substantiated that the merchandise purchased is the same as it is discharged into the balance.


After tests with AirLive teams, the result was excellent. The cooperative can display all its facilities properly. Furthermore, the solution provided offers great functionality especially in controlling grain to farm income. This will verify that the amount of the charge is the same since coming to campus to final storage. This is achieved leaks of goods in the shipment or any prior theft by staff.

It should be mentioned that company managers can view live what happens with every truck entering the premises and in total comfort remotely. At the same time, those responsible for the security staff can control flowing through the property.

After completing the installation, responsible for the company provide other races that the original monitoring scheme will be replicated. As the plot need more coverage these will stack more IP cameras in other locations to secure and control all movements within the property.

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