Video-ready servers from Secure Logiq promise more power at lower cost

Secure Logiq 1U-c1 video server

The Secure Logiq 1U server packs a lot into a small form factor

SecureLogiq, manufacturer of high specification video servers, has relaunched its product range to provide 12 off-the-shelf server solutions for HD video applications.

Previously the company specialised in bespoke solutions including its top-end server configuration that is 4U high and can record 1000 HD CCTV cameras (1080p) at full frame rate continuously and store the images for 30 days.

The company’s servers have been used on projects such as the London 2012 Olympics, the London Shard ANPR system, Cross Rail and Mersey ferries.

We spoke to SecureLogiq sales director Robin Hughes, formerly business development director at Avigilon for over six years.

Robin Hughes

Robin Hughes: Secure Logiq servers feature high quality components and are fine-tuned for HD video

Hughes told us that the new product range has been designed to provide customers with an easy to understand range of products that would scale up from entry level according to their needs.

The product range comprises 1U, 2U and 3U servers which have been fitted out with high specification components and fine tuned for handling high quality HD video. As a result, the machines are able to record more channels at a faster rate and store it for longer than comparable size servers.

Hughes said the company is responding to a requirement in the market for high spec servers that wasn’t being addressed by traditional IT servers. “The feedback we have had from the market is that this is the missing piece in the HD jigsaw puzzle,” said Hughes. “People are telling us that they want a less expensive, off the shelf, video orientated server. Currently they either buy a Dell server from their VMS company, buy it from Dell themselves or have one custom built.”

The lowest level product – the 1U server – has up to 12TB RAID, dual redundant power and over 500mbps processing power, something you wouldn’t get as standard in a 1U product, Hughes said.

The 2U product goes up to 40TB of storage and 500mbps processing while the 3U series features 750mbps and 48TB of storage.

The company also supplies powerful multi-monitor HD client machines that can power eight HD video displays and an Enterprise HD workstation range that combines the server and client functions in one box.

The company was started in 2011 by two IT engineers – managing director Hamish Johnson and technical director Aleksander Uzunov.  The office and manufacturing facilities are based in Croydon in south London but Hughes said they may move the facilities to Suffolk.

Last year the company sold £850,000 worth of servers into the security market, Hughes said, but he expects that following the new product offering and the recruitment of an experienced sales director, the company is ready to take off.

“We have an off-the-shelf product range that will suit 95 per cent of CCTV applications,” he said. “They are all enterprise-level products and are extremely well built.”

A major selling point of fitting more power into a smaller box is that the per-channel cost of the server technology is much lower, both in terms of hardware and running costs.

The need for fewer components to service more channels of video saves money on hardware. The smaller form factor saves considerable rack space, and the unit uses less electricity and generates less heat per channel of video than you would get from a larger array of servers.

The servers can run virtually any VMS software package on the market and Hughes said they have already worked with Milestone, Genetec and Avigilon. The Secure Logiq engineers can even fine tune the servers for each software package, Hughes said, pointing out for example that the optimum server configuration for Milestone is different than for Genetec.


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