Video planning tool from JVSG supports Dallmeier

The video planning tool from JVSG now also supports products made by the Regensburg manufacturer Dallmeier.

The “IP Video System Design Tool” from JVSG is a software program that is used widely for planning video surveillance projects. An extensive product database and clear 3D views provide help in choosing the right cameras and their optimal installation locations. The latest version of the tool now supports cameras by Dallmeier as well – including the Panomera® multifocal sensor systems.

Max Shumeyko, a founder of JVSG, says: “I am really glad that now IP Video System Design Tool supports multifocal sensor systems from Dallmeier. Cameras like Panomera® have changed the landscape of high resolution video surveillance. With just two Panomera® cameras it is possible to cover a huge area of 100×100 metres with an image quality sufficient for people recognition.” And he adds: “Megapixel cameras and such cameras as Panomera® require proper planning. And our design software is here to help to design efficient video surveillance systems quickly and easy.”


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