Videcon Ltd launches the Concept Pro VXHAHDM DVR

Videcon Ltd launches the Concept Pro VXHAHDM DVR

Videcon Ltd launches the Concept Pro VXHAHDM DVR

Trade-only security distributor, Videcon Ltd, has launched the Concept Pro VXHAHDM DVR; an exciting addition to the AHD recording range designed to deliver the most popular Concept Pro features into any residential or commercial application.

Available in four, eight and sixteen channel options, the VXHAHDM offers real time recording and playback of 1080p video over coax from high definition analogue cameras. Compatible with all traditional analogue cameras, a Concept Pro AHD system is the perfect solution to upgrade legacy CCTV systems to HD by utilising the same coax infrastructure - reducing install times and allowing installers to offer incremental HD updates for each camera on site.

Built on the established Concept Pro platform, the VXHAHDM offers the same setup experience, functionality and benefits as the rest of the current AHD and IP recording line-up. Without a selection of the more specialist features only needed in the most high-end of applications, the VXHAHDM allows installers to be as competitive as possible when quoting for business of all sizes.

No matter if you are installing an IP or AHD system; on-screen operation of Concept Pro professional recorders, including the VXHAHDM, stays exactly the same by using the brilliantly simple Concept Pro GUI. This means, for installers who start to install the VXHAHDM, no additional knowledge is required to install and support any other Concept Pro recording device found on the market.

Like the rest of the Concept Pro line-up, the unit is compatible with the powerful, license-free video management software, iPims. With the ability to connect to all Concept Pro professional IP, AHD and Analogue CCTV recorders, iPims allows users to record footage and operate up to 256 recorders from a single location. The software can also be used by installers as a proactive site management tool allowing them to identify camera issues remotely and gain access to recorder settings without need physical access to the device.

The VXHAHDM is remote monitoring enabled and can connect to any monitoring station using Immix or Sentinel software platforms. Providing a 24/7 monitored service allows installers to increase their year-on-year revenue through annual service subscriptions and maintenance contracts.

Additionally, the unit can be easily configured for remote viewing on iOS and Android devices via the Concept Pro Viewer app and the simple scan of an onscreen QR code. Using a secure, European-based P2P server, the online ID information of the recorder is kept completely protected, ensuring confidential data cannot be accessed by third parties.

About the launch, Steve Newsome, Sales Director of Videcon Ltd said:

“The addition of the VXHAHDM to Concept Pro range allows installers to deliver a high definition analogue solution into any installation.”

Professional security installers can request a full product demonstration on the VXHAHDM with their dedicated field sales representative by calling 01924 528 000 or by clicking here!

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