Videcon Expands Entry-Level IP NVR System

Entry-Level IP NVR System

Videcon has expanded its entry-level IP NVR system with new 8 and 16 channel versions.

The VHD-IPL recorder now allows for further camera options on a system using an effortless plug and play setup with the Concept Pro VIPC camera range, removing the IT headaches associated with configuring IP CCTV.

Users also have the ability to view a HD-IP Lite system over a web browser courtesy of an in-built webserver, a feature normally found on more high-end recording solutions, providing real-time monitoring and play back.

Ian Farr, Technical Product Manager of Videcon PLC, said: “the HD-IP Lite range was designed from the ground up to be a hassle-free solution for setting up an IP system, ideal for first time installers of IP CCTV. The expanded range keeps the same pain-free configuration but can now be used for quick on-site setup for systems that need larger camera requirements as well.”

The new models offer real-time 1080p recording with a maximum storage capacity of 6TB in the eight channel and 12TB in the 16 channel, giving users the ability to record over a week’s worth of footage with 16 cameras at 25FPS 1080p resolution.

All HD-IP Lite NVRS come with a three year warranty.

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