Verint public safety solution boosts US county’s emergency management


verintThe Audiolog for Public Safety solution from Verint Systems has been centralised in the 911 operation of a large mid-Atlantic-based US county.

The communications centre, which receives and responds to emergency calls for the county’s police and fire departments, was faced with challenging technical requirements that Verint helped address through a solution design that accommodates the county’s unique, redundant recording environment.

The communications centre serves as a vital, first step in handling citizens’ calls for police and fire emergencies. Since implementing Verint’s software two years ago, the emergency services organisation has further integrated the Verint Audiolog solution with its Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to track dynamic radio alias changes from CAD mobile data terminals. Doing so has helped it track and identify radio communications by radio alias as managed in the CAD system and updated by field personnel, simplifying the search and retrieval of recorded radio transmissions based upon the alias assigned to specific personnel in the CAD.

Audiolog for Public Safety is an advanced, digital multimedia recording, retrieval and quality assurance solution designed to help enhance the performance of public safety answering points (PSAPs), command and control centers, homeland security, transportation operations centers, correctional facilities and emergency communications centers. As in the case of this mid-Atlantic based county, it offers superior reliability in mission- critical operations with flexible, easy-to-use functionality designed to help organizations meet the demands of evolving communications channels and environments.

With Verint’s Audiolog for Public Safety solution, agencies can:

  • Capture audio, video, text, screen data, telematics, photos and related data, such as telephone numbers and locations, from a variety of sources
  • Live monitor PSAP interactions to help ensure adherence to policies and procedures
  • Reconstruct incident scenarios to better understand the chain of events
  • Protect captured interactions from unauthorized access and tampering
  • Evaluate and enhance call taker, dispatcher and manager performance
  • Document and report results efficiently

“Using the Verint public safety solution, this agency has experienced significant results, including integrating recording and archiving capabilities with two key components in its centre, which has furthered its ability to deliver superior service to the citizens it represents,” says Steve Weller, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions.

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