Vemotion puts its CCTV ace of Herts on the collaboration radar

Wireless transmission technology specialist’s Vemotion and Ogier Electronics have today announced a partnership. The move will now see the Thirsk based company assist Ogier to deliver an exciting 3G/4G transmission addition to Ogier’s new all weather, multi-terrain threat detection radar system known as Scan-360.

Designed as a low cost radar based threat detection system for commercial and military applications, Scan-360 was initially launched in 2014 to satisfy the immediate requirement of Europe and the Middle East. A more powerful, all-encompassing version will be launched later this year and worldwide distribution will follow in 2017. To extend Scan-360 into areas where its microwave line of sight technology is impractical, 3G and 4G capability is necessary, which has led to a partnership with Vemotion to provide an integrated solution.

“As a microwave radar based perimeter protection system, Scan-360 has met with great success but we were keen to offer a holistic solution so the system could be used in multiple applications,” said Mark Rainbow, Marketing Director of Ogier Electronics. “A mutual third party introduced us to Vemotion and together we have integrated their 3G and 4G functionality into our system which now gives Scan-360 the all-round remote capability we were looking for.”

Based in St. Albans, Ogier and Vemotion have been working together for the last six months to integrate the Scan-360 with Vemotion’s remote technology capability. Vemotion’s innovative wireless video transmission know-how can deliver live CCTV footage from almost any remote location. The technology means that CCTV cameras can be set up in isolated areas and transmit images back to a command centre anywhere in the world and what is more, doesn’t rely on a fast broadband connection to do so.

“We were delighted to be able to help Ogier electronics with Scan-360 and we are now looking at other areas in which we can help one another as part of our developing relationship,” said Stewart McCone, Managing Director of Vemotion. “Ogier also provide mobile video solutions and fully integrated control room facilities and where Ogier need more traditional solutions, Vemotion can help.”

The partnership between Vemotion and Ogier has developed to such an extent that Ogier have agreed to represent Vemotion the company’s products at several forthcoming trade shows. This will include Securex in Laos, Nigeria on 24-26 March.

Scan-360 is priced for commercial, but is being used across the board in a wide range of sectors. Its rapid deployment capability makes it perfect for both blue light and military applications and with Vemotion technology now available as standard, perfect for remote operation.

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