Vectra Networks comments on Dridex malware threat

“Algorithms are the key to detecting and mitigating cyber attacks”

Vectra Networks comments on Dridex malware threat

The National Crime Agency has issued a warning that a new version of the ‘Dridex’ malware is targeting the UK, with £20 million having already been purported stolen by this attack.

Cybersecurity expert Gerard Bauer, VP EMEA of Vectra Networks, has made the following comments:

“The Dridex scam proves yet again that human beings are one of the weakest links in cybersecurity. A single unintentional click of a seemingly innocuous document launches a macro, which begins a multi-phased download and installation of the malware. Such threats can also be “walked in” to the enterprise by mobile users who have connected to many public, insecure networks such as WiFi hotspots or home internet. This exposes them to potential weaknesses and ultimately brings them back into the enterprise, bypassing all perimeter defences.

“It’s clear that enterprises can’t defend against every threat, especially as traditional perimeter defence solutions offer a singular, imperfect chance to stop the initial attack – they have to first identify and understand the mechanisms of the malware threat before they can try to block it. IT security professionals then have to scramble to update the latest signatures into their firewalls and IPS’ at the edges of their network. Meanwhile, advanced malware like Dridex has plenty of time to take hold and execute its nefarious activity.

“The fact that Dridex has already siphoned £20 million from the UK shows that prevention is nice to have, but detection is a must. Today’s organisations need to instead find ways to quickly intervene, minimise the time they are exposed and reduce the impact of cyberthreats. The good news is that in today’s innovation era, we have technologies like machine learning and data science that can enable the discovery of future ‘unknowns’, including new attach methodologies – all in real time.”

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