Vectis HX from Siemens allows ‘seamless’ upgrade to IP

Siemens Vectis HX keyboard

Siemens Vectis HX keyboard

The Siemens Vectis HX range, available exclusively through Norbain in the UK, bridges the technological gap between analogue and IP surveillance capabilities.

Encompassing a network keyboard, hybrid digital video recorder and H.264 software platforms,  the Vectis HX range allows for a seamless upgrade to an IP surveillance solution over time.

Featuring remarkable HD quality images, the hybrid recording system comes as a 16 or 32 channel model allowing up to 16 standard analogue cameras and 16 IP cameras to be connected simultaneously to a single device.
• Direct unit control and PTZ capability
• Remote access via RAS, Internet or Smartphone
• Support of ONVIF compatible IP cameras
• Recording speed up to 400ips (analogue) and 100ips (IP) at 4CIF/2MP resolution

Siemens Vectis HX DVR

Siemens Vectis HX DVR

A network system controller which controls both analogue and network devices, it provides both flexibility and scalability for control centres by supporting various components such as DVRs and PTZ cameras. In addition, the ergonomic and compact design enhances usability, making it very comfortable to operate.
• Remote control over network
• Easy operation
• Comprehensive functionality
• Multi-device control

For IP cameras from Siemens, Vectis HX NVS also provides full remote control capabilities, including PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) control. In addition, ONVIF support allows the connection of third-party cameras that are compliant with this widely used open standard.
• Remote control capabilities, including PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) control
• Uses latest H.264 video compression technology to deliver high-resolution images that take up very little hard disk space
• Optimised streaming of images even over network connections with limited bandwidth

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