VD022 decoder from LILIN offers extra virtual matrix functionality

The VD-022

The VD022

The LILIN VD022 standalone HD decoder’s virtual matrix functionality allows for the possibility of viewing network and digital video recorders from a remote location.

A simple monitoring solution to display live images, the VD022 HD decoder allows you to view your 16 channel NVR/DVRs and HD IP cameras by just adding the device to your existing LILIN system and connecting to a HDMI monitor.

Connecting to a NVR VM

Connecting to a NVR

The VD022 decodes full 1080P video at up to 30FPS. The Virtual Matrix can be controlled by an IR remote control, keyboard, web interface or touch screen monitor – so changing your displayed IP video streams is easy. The virtual matrix also provides the opportunity to view playback from the NVR/DVR.

Connecting up to 255 cameras

Connecting up to 255 cameras

As well as being a virtual matrix, the VD022 is the smart solution to expanding your IP system. Without the HD decoder it would not be possible to view camera images on a monitor unless you used a PC or NVR. The HD decoder allows you to connect a monitor with a single camera or 4 cameras as a quad view. As you can incorporate numerous HD decoders into your IP system it is possible to have multiple monitor locations.

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