VCW Security has adopted a new route to market for its vendors

VCW Security has adopted a new route to market for its vendors

VCW Security has adopted a new route to market for its vendors

VCW Security, one of the UK’s leading distributors of IT security solutions, has adopted a new route to market for two of its vendors offering CYREN WebSecurity and Comodo Endpoint products via Planet Hippo.

Planet Hippo is one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of website hosting and domain registration services and as a result of the explosive growth in the Security as a Service (SECaaS) market have seen considerable growth in its customers moving towards a mobile workforce where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends and low cost, high utility cloud-based applications and storage are required.

CYREN cloud-based WebSecurity protects all devices via the cloud including mobile users connecting with smart phones and tablets and those operating a BYOD policy. Based on deep packet inspection and real time threat detection, CYREN WebSecurity is a preventative measure that protects the user from downloading dangerous or inappropriate content by filtering and blocking content from the web before it can enter your devices.

Comodo Endpoint is an on-machine anti-virus solution. Acting as an antidote it protects every individual endpoint (desktop PC, tablet, mobile, etc) from bad content once it is on your device for example from a virus that came in an email, a memory stick or something embedded in a file. Working on an ‘unknown’ threats basis Comodo Endpoint security sandboxes potential threats in a contained environment before they can be downloaded by the user and it also protects when you are on the go and working outside of your normal business parameters.

The new route to market was spearheaded by Simon Jackson, Commercial Director at VCW Security to counteract the ever growing threats to individuals and companies within the webhosting and domain registration services industry from cyber threats:

“We wanted to address the increasing online threat levels faced by the small to medium sized market by offering cost effective and easily deployable solutions” he said.

“No individual solution is 100 percent safe, a layered security approach from world leading IT security specialists CYREN and Comodo is a necessary precaution in today’s world of cyber threats.”

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