VCA Bridge offers video analytics for surveillance solution

VCA Bridge offers video analytics for surveillance solution

VCA Bridge offers video analytics for surveillance solution

VCA, the little known but highly successful OEM solutions provider, is poised to substantially raise its profile within the electronic security sector with the launch of Bridge, an appliance that instantly adds video analytics capability to new or existing video surveillance systems.

VCA’s highly acclaimed video analytics engine has been successfully deployed worldwide in over 350,000 video channels, but very few involved in the procurement of IP cameras will be aware of the company name, as until recently its technology was only available within other manufacturers’ cameras.

With the introduction of Bridge, VCA is looking to firmly establish itself as a solutions provider that can enable users, with minimum disruption to their operational activities, to transform and achieve so much more from their video surveillance systems.VCA Bridge offers video analytics for surveillance solution

Bridge has been designed to provide an accurate and effective analytics solution for a wide range of environments
such as airports, bus and train stations, bars and clubs, museums, car parks, retail stores, shopping malls, tourist attractions, sports stadia and leisure facilities.

A stand-alone Bridge appliance can easily be retrofitted to an existing IP network based video surveillance system. It is able to support four 1080p channels or up to 16 channels at D1 resolution and at an end-user cost in the region of £160 per channel, it offers a highly cost effective method of introducing analytics to an existing system. It can support any IP camera and has an internal 500GB surveillance grade HDD that enables the storage and review of pre and post event video clips. Users need to simply log into Bridge via a web browser on any Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android device to search, review and download footage, as well as set up customised analytics ‘rules’.

Exception reporting
Bridge detects movement within very small areas of a video image and can provide operators with a powerful ‘exception’ reporting tool to help them identify suspicious activity and when appropriate, to despatch security guards or quickly report the incident to one of the emergency services.

VCA Bridge offers video analytics for surveillance solutionKevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA said: “Bridge ensures that considerable extra value and return on investment can be achieved from video surveillance as it can easily be added to existing systems and is an ideal intrusion detection and perimeter protection analytics solution for end-users who wish to retain existing IP or analogue cameras.

“Bridge is more than a match for the challenges of detecting movement in outdoor locations as it can automatically adapt to varying light conditions and can easily be fine tuned to avoid false alarms due to, for example, rustling trees or wildlife. It will even continue to deliver a high level of performance when cameras may be swaying due to windy conditions.”

Bridge can work in conjunction with analogue cameras via a DVR or suitable Video Management Software (VMS). It can also be deployed as a standalone device or used alongside VMS in support of ONVIF compliant high definition IP network cameras and NVRs.

Depending on the capabilities of the VMS, Bridge can be configured to offer real-time analytics alerts, as well as metadata overlay and forensic search capabilities from within the native VMS environment.

Advanced analytics technology
Developed in the UK by a team of computer vision scientists, VCA’s video analytics engine can perform a wide range of security and surveillance applications such as people counting, intrusion detection and vehicle monitoring, as well as tailgating and camera tamper detection.

Based on state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms and with the benefit that comes from over 50 man-years of research and development, the system continuously adapts to environmental changes and rejects sources of false alarms, so that an operator is alerted only when there’s genuinely something of interest.

The analytics engine has been independently verified by the UK Home Office i-LIDS programme for use in sterile zone applications, so users can rest assured that the system meets stringent performance standards for event detection and false alarm rejection.

In addition to its security credentials, VCA’s analytics also provides a highly accurate method for capturing and providing metadata, which can be graphically displayed in customisable reports to provide organisations with the information they need to achieve their business and operational objectives.

VCA branded cameras
VCA continues to offer its analytics technology as an OEM solution, which can be incorporated into other manufacturers’ cameras and software and in addition, is now also offering its own brand of competitively priced products to assist installers and systems integrators to generate new revenue streams beyond the traditional security sector.

“We see our highly affordable range of analytics devices generating significant new business opportunities in two distinct market sectors, i.e. intelligent perimeter protection and business intelligence,” said Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA.

“Whilst our OEM business remains robust and continues to grow, we will now be offering our own brand range with pre and post sales support services directly to installers and systems integrators so that they can benefit from our experience and knowledge of these specific market sectors.”

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