Vanderbilt completes integration with Mercury Security

Vandebilt completes integration with Mercury Security

Vanderbilt completes integration with Mercury Security

Global security systems provider Vanderbilt, has announced the completed integration with Mercury Security in a move said to demonstrate its commitment to delivering open systems solutions. It is also now an authentic Mercury partner. 

According to Vanderbilt, the integration ensures that devices support Mercury Security’s hardware controllers and peripheral panels, enabling end users to build best-in-class security solutions, maximize existing investments and reduce costs and extend product lifecycle.

For Vanderbilt’s systems integrator partners, an open-architecture approach supports the long-term success of technology deployments, providing freedom to choose solutions that work best for a specific deployment, an end user’s needs and crucial infrastructure requirements.

As an authentic Mercury partner, Vanderbilt will provide customers with a streamlined path to move beyond proprietary hardware to more feature-rich access control solutions. And through its close technology partnerships and support of open standards efforts such as those promoted by ONVIF, Vanderbilt affords the interconnection of its solutions and devices with other IP-enabled systems to aggregate security data. This approach allows users to improve security staff productivity, increase situational awareness and gather more security and business intelligence.

Mercury Security President, Matt Barnette commented:“Open solutions enable greater choice in technologies for end users, streamlines installation and maximizes product integration. Vanderbilt’s support of Mercury solutions allows more flexibility for today’s modern security leaders and systems integrators, and supports the future of the industry.”

Added Vanderbilt President Mitchell Kane: “There is increasing demand for open and interoperable access control solutions and Vanderbilt is expanding its capabilities with solutions that are open and scalable to allow users the freedom to use existing investments and third-party devices as part of a best-in-class security solution.

“Open systems benefit the entire security marketplace and Vanderbilt is dedicated to promoting open solutions that allow stakeholders to expand systems as security needs evolve over time. Our partnership with Mercury is a significant step forward in meeting this goal.”


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