Vandal resistant intercom panels by SRS

srpanel1SRS vandal resistant intercom panels are manufactured using the highest quality material. The steel is rated BS316, which means that it is incredibly resilient. So tough in fact, that it is very difficult to machine. However, our technicians insist that the extra work is worth the time, as it ensures that the panel can handle corrosion and physical tampering.

We believe in quality, and as an extra precaution we make sure that every part is stainless steel; this means that every nut, every bolt and every screw in the panel is resistant to vandalism and corrosion. Even the back plate is made of stainless steel because galvanised mild steel will rust within a matter of months.

We can supply polycarbonate name windows. These windows are highly resilient, and are well suited to locations where the likelihood of tampering is a given. The switches are limited travel switches, which makes any attempt at intentional damage very difficult.

The SRS brand is manufactured by us in-house, and we engrave the intercom panels on our state of the art laser engraving machine. We can customise the panel engraving entirely to your specification, you just have to ask. We are firm believers in quality and that when you buy a vandal resistant door entry panel it should be made to last. We even protect the speaker unit with stainless steel baffle plate. Some manufactures use aluminium mesh, if they use anything at all, because it is cheaper. We believe in quality and there is a reason we are the UK’s number one in door entry.

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