Urmet first mainstream manufacturer to launch full IP video touch-screen

Door-entry and access control specialist Urmet Domus are proud to announce the launch of their new full IP touch-screen monitor, which has been specified and installed across London in numerous high-volume and landmark residential buildings. The new monitor, the first in a line of exciting product launches planned by Urmet in 2013, is packed with valuable features and is now setting the benchmark in the door-entry sector. The product, designed mainly for large-scale residential developments, is currently the only full IP PoE 7” touch-screen with dual LAN ports on the market – with no other cabling infrastructure required other than the existing network cable within the building.

Urmet’s new 7” touch-screen iMODO, is mac addressable and offers the user a wealth of additional features that have until now only been conceptual. The stylish design of Urmet’s iMODO touch-screen terminal is instantly recognisable as an Urmet product. Once you explore the unit’s capability and exactly what it has to offer, it soon becomes apparent that this device can do so much more than simply open and close doors. Some of the features of iMODO, in addition to the regular functions such as call to concierge, panic alarms and video messaging, include:

Dual LAN Port – this not only connects the touch-screen to the IPervoice building network, but the second port also allows third-party home automation integration. Alternatively, the second LAN port can connect straight into a home router, providing users with a device that will allow them to browse the Internet.

WIFI this is a built in feature of the iModo and allows ease of connection to the Home Area Network

Home automation compatible – using the second LAN port it is possible to integrate the iMODO with other third-party home automation systems.

PoE – Power over Ethernet allows the door-entry unit to be powered via the network switch and therefore requires no separate power supply unit in the apartment. It also makes the connection of the iModo to the building network without the need of any other dedicated cabling.


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