Upshot launches CCTV and lighting lowering device

Upshot UK
Upshot UK

Upshot UK

Upshot UK Ltd has announced the launch of a CE approved lowering device for CCTV and lighting equipment, which provides easy access for maintenance without the need for either cherry pickers or towers.

A study by The Florida Department of Transportation has shown that this established technology can provide massive reductions in ongoing maintenance costs of mounting devices of up to 80-90%. The need for traffic closures and the associated disruptions are greatly minimized and cameras are out of action for shorter periods of time. In addition safety is greatly improved and maintenance can simply be handled by just one person at ground level.  It also allows CCTV devices to be placed higher than normal, thereby increasing the camera’s clarity of vision and reducing environmental glare, which in turn reduces the number of cameras and poles required. Designers are able to focus more on the site’s field of view rather than the maintenance accessibility issues, thereby creating a more efficient use of camera sites needed for optimum coverage.


The device can either be retro-fitted to existing structures or it can be installed on masts and poles which provide an elevated mount for a camera. The system incorporates a patented connector which disconnects the cables while the unit is lowered, thus, no live cables are lowered with the camera/fixture. The lowering cable is totally concealed and the system uses a winch to lower the device safely to ground level, without the need for power. A locking mechanism ensures that the full weight of the camera/lighting fixture or other device is carried by the contact suspension, thus, relieving the winch, pulleys, and steel cable from tension. These parts are in tension only during actual raising and lowering of the camera/lighting fixture. The system is capable of pure Ethernet/IP communications.

This pioneering device was first launched in the United States, where it has been hugely successful and vastly exceeded sales expectations. Upshot UK Ltd have secured the exclusive import rights into the UK, Europe and the Middle East and are currently looking to establish distribution partners across these regions.



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