Upgrading physical perimeter security for a water treatment plant

Upgrading physical perimeter security for a water treatment plant

Upgrading physical perimeter security for a water treatment plant

Products used

Securi-Mesh 358

Bi-Folding speed gates

PAS 68 rising bollards

Rising arm barriers

PAS 68 Static bollards

The Challenge

To upgrade physical security measures at the main entrance of a critically important water treatment facility.

The Solution

The priority was to deliver the means to apply strictly controlled and monitored pedestrian and vehicular access and egress to ensure the security integrity of the site.

As one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and installers of certified high security fencing systems and barriers, Jacksons Fencing were contacted to assess the project.

During several site visits, an experienced team of perimeter security specialists from Jacksons Fencing undertook a detailed assessment of the facility and its security and operational requirements, ahead of recommendations covering product design and specification.

The proposal adopted for implementation at the site was for the creation of pedestrian and vehicular access and egress airlocks to be managed and controlled by security staff.

Bi-Folding Speed Gates, topped with razor wire were supplied to each of the main entry and exit points to the site from the main road, ahead of the security gatehouse, to form the entrance and exit to the airlock. These were supported by PAS 68 rising bollards and rising arm barriers with synchronised operation and traffic light signalling which formed the other end of the airlock.

The gates and barriers were flanked by runs of Securi-Mesh fencing to provide a separate pedestrian entrance to the facility via the guard house, while static PAS 68 rated bollards were additionally deployed to manage traffic within the site.

As with all Jacksons’ automated gates, barriers and access control systems, the products are backed by a comprehensive Automation Guarantee for assured service availability and safe, secure and reliable site operation.

About Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing is a family business founded in 1947 in Kent. Today, it operates from three UK locations; Ashford, Bath and Chester and employs over 240 people in the design, manufacture and installation of timber and steel fencing, gates, environmental noise barriers, bollards, automation and access control systems.

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