The upgraded app for SMARTair™ Wireless Online is all you need to open doors with your smartphone

The upgraded app for SMARTair™ Wireless Online is all you need to open doors with your smartphone

The upgraded app for SMARTair™ Wireless Online is all you need to open doors with your smartphone

Convenience and functionality get yet another boost with the innovative new app for SMARTair™ Wireless Online access control systems. A smartphone and the new app is all employees and system administrators need to open any authorized door at premises protected by a SMARTair™ Wireless Online system.

This new, comprehensive app has been redesigned to make daily life easier for all users, including installers and locksmiths who need to set up a new system. From an employee perspective, the new SMARTair™ app could hardly be easier. After downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, you simply input your email address and validate. An incoming verification email gives you access to the app, and all doors where you’re granted access load automatically.

Users can browse the list at a glance, prioritise regularly accessed doors with a favourites list, and even rename doors inside their app to help remind them which is which. With the new SMARTair™ app, your phone or tablet opens authorised doors just like any other credential — you no longer need to carry your smart card or anything else. And you can even add multiple installations to a single app, if you regularly use more than one access controlled site.

The redesigned infrastructure also makes life easy for system administrators. Adding an end-user’s email address in the SMARTair™ software automatically transfers their access rights to their smartphone. There’s no extra infrastructure required to start using the new app: it runs entirely within an existing or new SMARTair™ Wireless Online installation. Everything is made so easy that now even the smallest premises can have door opening via app without the need for any extra, complex configuration of their access system.

For an extra layer of security, it’s easy for administrators or employees to add PIN unlock authentication to the app — so a lost phone doesn’t mean door security is compromised. All communications between phone and door use strong SSL/TLS and AES128 encryption.

SMARTair™ intelligent wireless devices already provide the easiest upgrade or replacement for any access system that uses mechanical keys — and are just as easy to retrofit to existing premises as to install from scratch. SMARTair™ devices including wireless electronic escutcheons, cylinders, locks and wall readers can be installed at any exterior or interior door. And now, with the new SMARTair™ app, it’s more convenient than ever to use SMARTair™.

A SMARTair™ Wireless Online access control system keeps facility managers in touch with anything that’s happening in the building — who enters, where and when — allowing you to genuinely control site security, in real time. Installation is quick and affordable: no wiring and no cabling means there’s no expensive electrical work required. SMARTair™ wireless locks are powered by standard batteries, with easy maintenance schedules. Battery power maximises energy efficiency, delivering low energy consumption that saves money and contributes to the sustainability credentials of any premises.

For more details on how SMARTair™ Wireless Online and the SMARTair™ app can upgrade security, convenience and user-friendliness at your premises, see\discoverwireless.

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