Up close and personal with the Centurion SMARTGUARDair




SMARTGUARDair:  brilliant in design and almost mystical in application.  In purely academic terms, it is a wireless keypad that can be used to activate up to 15 paired devices which can include everything

from a gate motor to a pool pump;  but within the realm of the ethereal, the metaphysical, the SMARTGUARDair is a powerful magic
wand, shaping the very airwaves to do your bidding.

This super-product’s greatest strength lies, of course, in the fact that it is completely wireless.  The power aspect is handled by two AA Alkaline batteries, while connectivity comes courtesy of an onboard, ultra-secure code-hopping transmitter.

And yet, there is so much more to the SMARTGUARDair.

It is only fitting, then, that we offer a glimpse into what makes the SMARTGUARDair one of our most intelligent and supremely convenient access control devices to date.

Nearly Immortal

The mere mention of the word “batteries” is often enough to send the more cautious among us into fits of panic, thinking that the aforementioned electromechanical devices will need replacing every couple of months.

Not so, says our very erudite Research and Development team.  Thanks to clever engineering, and depending on usage, the SMARTGUARDair is able to work unimpeded for up to 10 years before needing a battery replacement!

The reason for this is that the current of the product is only slightly more than the self-leakage current associated with a typical alkaline battery.  In laymen’s terms:  If you have spare batteries lying around, you may as well put them to good use in a SMARTGUARDair, since they are consuming nearly the same energy sitting around in your drawer as they would be doing useful work for you in a SMARTGUARDair!

The term “energy efficient” just doesn’t quite cut it, does it?


But say that the batteries in your SMARTGUARDair do start nearing the end of their service life; what measures are put in place to ensure that they don’t leak (as batteries often do) and damage the product’s circuitry?

A very nice little feature has been built into the SMARTGUARDair, whereby the device goes into a deep state of hibernation whenever the system detects a critically low battery threshold level.  In this mode, the system draws significantly less than the leakage associated with a battery, thus preventing the batteries from leaking while sitting in a SMARTGUARDair.


We have always put a lot of emphasis on the superior convenience associated with wireless technology and, indeed, what can be simpler than a device requiring no messy and restrictive cabling – a device that can simply be mounted, paired and put to work?

But what about the all-important security issue?

The SMARTGUARDair uses ultra-secure code-hopping technology, meaning that transmitted signals cannot be duplicated using a so-called “signal-grabbing” device or any other dubious means, for that matter.

In addition, the absence of physical wires makes it impossible for would-intruders to short circuit terminals and in so doing gain access to your property.

Lastly, an extra security measure has been built into the unit whereby pairing with all associated devices is broken in the event of a default operation being performed.  This means that, even if the Master Code is returned to the factory default, there will be no communication with any device that could potentially allow access into your property.

This is just one example of how CENTURION uses the latest technology to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.



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