Unveiling key information security and fraud data in seconds

Unveiling key information security and fraud data in seconds

Unveiling key information security and fraud data in seconds

Blue Lava Consulting partnered with WhiteHat Security to create a case study on the state of information security during the current cybersecurity landscape.

‘Organisations are rich with sensitive data—intellectual property, financial reports, personally identifiable information (PII), credit card data, trade secrets, client data—the list goes on and on. The chances any given organisation will become a cybercriminal’s target are now greater than ever.

Companies must evolve to use an integrated risk-based approach with big data for Information Security (InfoSec) and Fraud analytics as part of an overall strategy that complements the overall InfoSec program.

This in-depth case study is based on work performed between 2009 and 2013 when the founder of Blue Lava Consulting was employed as the CISO for a Global Fortune 100 organisation, and covers:

  • The infosec threat landscape
  • Evaluating a big data strategy
  • Implementation with a 30-60-90 day approach
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Recommendations

For more information on Blue Lava Consulting’s case study click here to view.’

Blue Lava Consulting, LLC
Blue Lava Consulting works in a strategic partnership with organisations to assess Information Security programs, Information Security risks, and to build an efficient set of Information Security and fraud controls. Our experience providing Information Security coaching, IT risk management, and research allows us to tailor our strategies in delivering superior results with the optimum balance of business resiliency and agility. The Blue Lava team is disciplined to work with organisations to provide a detailed and comprehensive knowledge transfer through our engagements. Blue Lava clients throughout the world include emerging technology companies and Fortune 500 organisations, which will attest to our knowledge and experience in these areas.

More on WhiteHat Security
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, WhiteHat Security is the leader in application security, enabling businesses to protect critical data, ensure compliance, and manage risk. WhiteHat is different because we approach application security through the eyes of the attacker. Through a combination of technology, more than a decade of intelligence metrics, and the judgment of real people, WhiteHat Security provides complete web security at a scale and accuracy unmatched in the industry. WhiteHat Sentinel, the company’s flagship product line, currently manages tens of thousands of websites including sites in highly regulated industries, such as top e-commerce, financial services, and healthcare companies.

For more information on WhiteHat Security click here

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