Unipart’s alarm receiving platform integrates with WebWay’s signalling technology

Monitoring & Response Centre
Monitoring & Response Centre

Monitoring & Response Centre

Unipart Security’s Monitoring & Response Centre in Oxford has integrated WebWay signalling technology with its alarm receiving platform.

WebWay is the world leading commercial and domestic alarm signalling solution designed for all types of security systems including intruder, fire, video surveillance, equipment tamper and audio alarm systems. WebWay Communicators operate over IP, GPRS and PSTN networks in single or dual path configurations.

“Unipart Security and WebwayOne technical personnel have worked closely together to ensure a high level of integration,” said Simon Jennings, Sales Manager of Unipart Security. “WebWay IP/GPRS removes the need for telephone lines. Instead the communicators use cutting edge software to send polls to the alarm systems in order to simultaneously monitor the network, send alarms and allow remote maintenance and servicing of the alarm panel. The integration of WebWay signalling technology means that Unipart Security can monitor any premises, and if necessary, deal with any incident, regardless of whether the system at the protected premises is analogue or IP network based.

In addition to intruder, fire and CCTV system monitoring, the Unipart Security’s NSI Gold Category II Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) accredited facility, is able to provide a wide range of other monitoring services including asset and vehicle tracking, lone worker protection, manned security management and a 24 hour support desk.

“We are delighted that Unipart Security have chosen to adopt the WebWay technology and install our servers in their Monitoring & Response Centre,” said WebWayOne Commercial Director, Chris Carter Brennan. “Unipart Security’s customers will benefit from the fact that WebWay’s communicators integrate with all the leading alarm panels via the serial date interface for extended format alarms, providing fast, secure and reliable transmission in a rich data format over IP and GPRS networks.”

All WebWay products are insurance approved and use the same LPCB and CPD approved hardware platform making installation and maintenance the simplest on the market. WebWay IP/GPRS units include a Telefonica Roaming SIM in an activated ready state. Monitoring fees however only start when the unit is commissioned.”


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