Ultrafine launches Ultra-slender endoscope with unprecedented access

A novel swing prism endoscope with a diameter of only 4 mm has been launched by Ultrafine. Until now, these types of endoscope have only been available with diameters of 6 mm or more, so the instrument offers unprecedented access for applications in the industrial and security fields.

The instrument shares the same features with Ultrafine’s other Ultraview swing prism borescopes, including the ability to vary its direction of view from forward to retro. In addition, the shaft can be rotated by almost a full 360 degrees.

“The technical challenges in producing a high resolution endoscope of this size were enormous,” said Ultrafine’s general manager, Vicky Wright.

Ultrafine are the only company to produce swing prism endoscopes capable of looking fully in the forward direction. The unit’s 60 degree field of view provides an overall panning range from -20 to +130 degrees, fully illuminated over the whole of the variable viewing direction.

The endoscope has a male ACM connection, making it compatible with Ultrafine’s pocket LED light source and other standard light guides. It is currently available with a 175 mm shaft, with other lengths under development.

The adjustable viewing angle provided by swing prism endoscopes allows them to take the place of three or more standard endoscopes with fixed directions of view when inspecting larger areas.


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