Ultra precise and reliable Active Edge Infra-Red Beams from GJD

GJD has recently announced the versatile product benefits of its Active Edge Infra-Red Beams. Consisting of a separate transmitter and receiver available as 60 or 100 metre dual beam and 200 metre quad beam, the IR beams are a reliable choice for highly effective outdoor and indoor perimeter protection.

The range is proven to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability for both internal and external beam intrusion detection. The invisible detection beams are designed to minimise false alarms and provide utmost reliable security. A key benefit is that alarms and CCTV cameras are only activated when the selected combination of beams have been breached.

Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director of GJD commented: “GJD’s Active Edge Dual and Quad Infra-Red Beams are proven to deliver precise and effective detection solutions, as well as being simple to install and setup”.

The superior design is aesthetically pleasing and provides state of the art perimeter detection suitable for a wide range of sectors. Active Edge Beams are also extremely versatile as they are designed to detect people and objects, such as moving vehicles.

Another key advantage is that the beams can be mounted anywhere including above pet height level, so animals can be present without setting off an alarm, providing flexible detection.

GJD’s Active Edge Infra-Red Beams are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and so minimises nuisance alarms.

For more information about GJD’s entry level priced Infra-Red Beams, please email info@gjd.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1706 363 998.

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