The ultimate security integration: Oprema HQ

Oprema is the UK’s fastest growing distributor of security products in the field of CCTV, access control, intrusion, fire and networking products. In a little over a year, the company doubled its turnover and rapidly outgrew its existing premises. Moving into a new home – four times the size of the previous one – gives Oprema a perfect opportunity to showcase its expertise as security systems designers and integrators.

The project

As the company’s mission says, Oprema is committed to ‘delivering tomorrow’s security today’. What better way to bring that commitment to life than to equip its own premises with the latest developments in security systems? Oprema’s Technical Director, Tim Duggan, set about designing a bespoke, fully-integrated functional security system with that in mind.

Today, Oprema’s new 15,000 sq ft headquarters in south Cardiff boasts state-of-the-art security systems that not only protect the property but serve as an industry-leading, fully integrated, live demonstration of the latest CCTV, access control, fire and intruder technology. What is more, the advanced surveillance Tim specified also assists the premises’ day-to-day operational activity.

Oprema runs its warehouse, distribution, demonstration suite and office-based activities from its new premises. This means that there are various dwellings throughout that need securing in many ways, including the large external perimeter, high security internal areas such as the server room, warehouse and system build areas and all other areas throughout the premises that lead onto the high security areas discussed.

The challenge for Tim and the management team was to ensure the building’s security and duty of care for staff, whilst providing an industry leading demonstration suite that can be used not only locally but remotely by the external sales team.

The solution

All areas of the business premises are fully monitored. A necessary requirement when you consider that there is 15,000 square feet of premises to protect and the warehouse holds around £5million of stock at any one time.

Surveillance outside the premises is taken care of by a mixture of Dahua 4K, thermal imaging and ANPR CCTV cameras. Open area detection is achieved by using a combination of Analytics and Optex Redscan Laser detectors. Internally, there is a range of Paxton access control, Advanced Fire with Apollo Soteria detection, Concept Smoke Screen and Honeywell intruder detection systems. All these solutions are integrated using Milestone Corporate video management system which gives a complete overview of all components status in real time. Tim has also developed an integration between our warehouse asset management system SAP B1 and Milestone which allows both customer Order numbers and product serial numbers to be overlaid onto video streams of the 4K Dahua cameras that overlook the six packing benches in the main warehouse. The system allows us to seamlessly track a product through the warehouse process, which allows us to quickly review footage should a product delivery discrepancy arise.

All internal Office and warehouse areas are protected by Concept smoke screen we can fill the entire building with smoke in just under 40 seconds making it very difficult for intruders to navigate around the building and impossible for them to see any high value items. The system has a unique twist which allows us to also prevent any false fire alarms if the smoke system is deployed.

A project of this size calls for careful planning, precise attention to detail and rigorous cooperation. Integration is truly the key to its success.

With so many different security needs across a diverse range of business activities, it’s not surprising that Oprema’s security system is made up of multiple integrated components. These span Oprema’s wide range of partners and include, among other solutions;

  • Fully integrated video management solution from Milestone as the system hub
  • Intelligent access control integration from Paxton Access & CDVI
  • IP video door entry system from Videx
  • Intruder integration using Honeywell’s Galaxy intruder detection systems
  • IP surveillance solutions from Dahua, including thermal imagery and auto-tracking PTZs
  • Redwall SIP and Redscan to detect external perimeter breaches
  • Apollo Fire detection integration with Advanced Electronics fire panel
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) in the car park and loading areas from Dahau
  • Custom integration between SAP and Milestone video management to monitor packing benches, etc.
  • Security smoke screen system from Concept Smoke Screen

The result

For Matthew Epps, Oprema’s Managing Director, “the system that we designed and delivered alongside our strategic partners is testament to our commitment to leading-edge security solutions. We know how important security is for our customers, our duty of care for our staff, additionally we have a major investment to protect. The resulting system serves as the perfect showcase and security solution, highlighting that we are true to our values and practice what we preach.”

Gareth Williams, Sales Director, says, “You cannot overstate the impact seeing our impressive security solution has on customers and prospects. When people visit our new premises – and we encourage them to do so – we can confidently point out how adept we are at integrating multiple solutions to deliver precisely the right levels of security, and how to get that important mix of technology and intelligent services just right.”

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