Ultimate Security installs new IP video surveillance solution for The Pallet Network

GVD - Making IP Easy
GVD - Making IP Easy

GVD - Making IP Easy

Project Challenge:

Warehousing and Logistics is a strong growth area for IP video surveillance not only for security, but more and more as a business intelligence tool. The Pallet Network is a leading distributor of palletised freight in Ireland with a network of 23 regional carriers, known as The Pallet Network Members. These are all established freight companies offering collection and delivery services. It is the largest network in Ireland with unrivalled coverage and reach, with 10 of its 23 members operating in single county territories. Management at the Pallet Network found that their existing CCTV solution in their main warehouse was no longer meeting their needs, both from a security and logistical perspective. Ultimate Security were appointed to install a new video surveillance system that would allow TPN to provide high resolution playback images in mission critical areas e.g. loading bays, entry points, warehouse aisles. The previous analogue system consisted of 3 networked DVRs. If an incident occurred in the warehouse, i.e. damaged or missing pallet, the user had to dial into each unit separately. He would then have to trace the pallet from one camera to the next, and so on, until the arriving truck and departing truck were found. This usually meant having about 5-10 seconds of footage to download from between 1-6 cameras across 3 no DVRs. An incident lasting 5-10 minutes would require approx 2 hours of work to find all required cameras and footage. Obviously time lapse recording did not help, but different time stamps also confused matters. The downloads would then require 3 different files to be forwarded to the claimant, without any continuity. This led to further time loss where assistance was required by company wishing to view the footage. In turn this meant many claims were drawn out and some settled because of a lack of valuable evidence.

GVD | making IP easy Solution:

Now with Milestone all cameras are on the one platform, allowing easy access to all views of any given incident. The start and end time are programmed into the search bar and each relevant camera selected. Snapshots are then saved instantly and if required AVI files also saved. All this can the be forwarded to the claiming party within minutes, along with required viewing software. All claims are dealt with in a swift manner, within approximately 10 to 15 minutes. TPN also wanted to protect their investment in some of their more recently purchased and better analogue cameras – 24 in total. Ultimate Security installed two ACTi Video Encoders, 1 x 16 Channel Encoder and 1 x 8 Channel. This enabled them to put the 24 existing analogue cameras onto the network which allowed the analogue cameras to be on the same system as the new IP cameras. To cover the aforementioned mission critical areas 6 x IQinVision 7 Series 1.3MP Day/Night cameras were installed around the external perimeter of the warehouse, replacing 6 analogue cameras that had been in place. As the perimeter of the building required remote monitoring on Sundays, the only day the site is closed, the Viasys analytics plug in was installed on each outdoor camera, thus eliminating the need for PIRs. By using the Smart Client in Milestone to playback the megapixel footage, it provides unequivocal evidence of what gets loaded onto trucks.

Customer Result:

Peter Mills, TPN Network Operation Manager endorses the new system whole heartedly: “Camera searches are now completed in a matter of minutes and the decision to switch systems & service provider has proven to be one of the best decisions taken by the Company this year and all the Members of The Pallet Network in the UK & Ireland are reaping the benefits of the speed and accuracy of information we can provide when called upon to do so.
The Milestone XProtect® Professional video management system (VMS) has also increased the efficiency of monitoring the vast number of trucks loading and unloading 24 hours. It’s safe to say that by making the move to an IP solution with all cameras on one network, TPN has truly Video Enabled its business.

For Warehouse & Logistics surveillance the main advantages of an IP solution are:
• Megapixel picture quality for superior image quality
• Unequivocal video evidence to disprove claims of incorrect order quantities despatched at goods outwards
• Crystal clear video footage to identify people
• Scalability, allowance with server & Milestone Professional to add more cameras without requiring a new DVR up to 64 in total
• Milestone software to watch live footage and playback simultaneously

GVD | making IP easy is a specialist value added distributor of IP technology. Visit our NIPX centre & discover the infinite possibilities IP has to offer.  www.gvduk.co.uk or www.gvd.ie

Ultimate Security is a leading security installer based in the North East of Leinster. We specialise in IP video surveillance, Access Control and Intruder Alarms. As a certified Milestone Professional Partner we offer you the best in class IP Video Surveillance Management platform and recording solution, coupled with the best megapixel cameras available on the market. To arrange a meeting and demonstration contact us today at www.ultimatesecurity.ie or 041-6857700



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