Boon Edam access control turnstile range meets UL/CSA certifications

Management of the movement of people

An optical turnstile access control range from Boon Edam has met UL/CSA certifications, part of a continuous policy to certify products to North American standards. 

UL/CSA Certifications have been granted to Boon Edam for Speedlane Lifeline optical turnstiles and Swing Model turnstiles, access control solutions that are widely used in a variety of buildings to increase security. Tested and certified to conform with UL standards 325 and 2593 – and CSA 22.2 for Canada – it is a further guarantee of the Boon Edam’s commitment to access control solutions and its growing influence in the USA.

Importance of UL Standards 325 and 2593

UL Standards 325 and 2593, as well as CSA C22.2 are major industry standards for ensuring the safe operation of doors, turnstiles, gates and access control equipment in the United States and Canada. All of Boon Edam’s turnstile products currently conform to CE (the European Union standard of safety and operation), however, the company continues to invest in UL certification for all door and turnstile products sold in the Americas to align with North American standards and ultimately streamline installation for its customers.

Commitment to Standards 

The Lifeline Swing and Open were first launched in Europe for access control in January 2015 by Boon Edam and in March of the same year in the Americas. The Speedlane Swing has become especially popular; the slimmest cabinets in the industry (only four inches wide) they deliver a sleek look in spaces such as lobbies, where space is at a premium.

“Today’s business climate places a premium on risk mitigation and Boon Edam has always emphasized safety around the globe,” says Mark Borto, CEO of Boon Edam Inc. “We know field testing for UL is not always practical for our clients, so we continue to invest in UL certifications as new products are launched, which is a lengthy and expensive process. By getting our products certified, we can assure our North American customers that a 3rd-party has rigorously tested our products and confirmed that they operate in a safe and predictable manner at any location.”

Boon Edam has been operating for more than a century and is used widely in office buildings, airports and healthcare facilities to managing the transit of people.

To find out more, visit the Boon Edam website.

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