UK police force use latest converged communications and display technology to manage incidents

UK police force use latest converged communications and display technology to manage incidents

UK police force use latest converged communications and display technology to manage incidents

The MS Surface Hub enables crisis management teams to reach enhanced levels with immediate situation and video evaluation, rapid conferencing, services collaboration and vivid intelligence analysis.

In any crisis, seconds count

Speed, clarity, collaboration and the ability to share the latest intelligence are some of the fundamentals of effective incident management. Law enforcement agencies are gaining new advantages in the form of the MS Surface Hub. The MS Surface Hub is a 55” or 84” interactive, collaborative device that provides communication and control advantages by combining multiple systems that have historically been standalone or daisy-chained, and slow.

Rapid analysis and intelligence distribution at the point of surveillance

One of the UK’s largest police force is installing the MS Surface Hub in its mobile incident vehicle. The force was initially looking for a way to evaluate video content quickly in order to distribute relevant footage and analysis rapidly, to foster collaboration with Gold and Silver command and ground teams.

Using the MS Surface Hub has enabled the police force to dispense with multiple legacy programmes and achieve a single view using converged technology. Rather than relying on lengthy content capture, analysis and distribution relays between police stations and incident sites, the mobile unit is self-sufficient and fast.

In the matter of video, the MS Surface Hub enables simple evaluation in the mobile surveillance van, from which information can be shared instantly via secure video conferencing, email or instant messaging.

A host of integrated security functions provides a touch of ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’

The Hub gives Security and Response teams access to a vast range of security functions, all on display in large format 4K resolution*

Operators can easily hold open multiple surveillance viewpoints and captured video, together with associated location maps and annotations. Facial recognition, drone control, news feeds, and even geo-tagged social media can all be viewed and managed on the MS Surface Hub’s hugely impressive interactive touch-screen and infinite whiteboard.

Another of the Hub’s capability multipliers is the ability it provides to set-up instant video conference links with any number of static or field locations, on any device via Skype for Business.

Carillion Communications to showcase the MS Surface Hub at the Security and Counter Terror Expo

Carillion Communications will be showcasing the MS Surface Hub at Security and Counter Terror Expo on 3-4th May at Olympia London, in a mobile incident van. Visit the Carillion stand (K40) to get hands on with this interactive, super-efficient integrated communication device. Stand visitors will have the opportunity to see the Hub’s incident management capability in action, working in conjunction with video streams from fellow exhibitor, HIK Vision cameras.

Carillion Communications has a twenty-year history of helping government agencies to meet their communications challenges, and is the leading Microsoft ADR in Europe.

*Available on the 84” MS Surface Hub

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