UK households spending more on the iPhone than on home security

UK households spending more on the iPhone than on home security

UK households spending more on the iPhone than on home security

With an estimated 6.9million incidents of household related crime reported by the Office of National Statistics this year, the safety of UK homeowners property and possessions is still an important issue.

New research conducted by self storage company, Space Station, looked into the nation’s experience with burglary and home security, identifying that those investing in home security are spending on average £234 in total to keep their property safe. However, with the likes of the new iPhone 6s starting at almost double this amount (£459), should our home security become a higher placed priority?

A huge one in three people surveyed confessed to having first hand experience of a theft or break-in or know someone who has. Yet alarmingly, still 24 percent of people admitted to having no additional security measures, such as a burglar alarm/window alarm, in or around the home. In a survey conducted by Aviva* earlier this year, research showed the average monetary value of contents in the UK family home stands at a costly £35,486, that’s 77 brand new iPhone 6s’s.

Concerningly, almost 77 percent of people living in Birmingham have fallen victim to theft or burglary, or know someone who has. While those in Leeds and Oxford showed that they were most security conscious, and topped the list of cities surveyed for having some form of enhanced security in place, with burglar alarms (Leeds 75 percent) and window alarms (Oxford 50 percent) proving to be the most popular methods of crime prevention. 20 percent of people in Sheffield consider their dog as a key deterrent to unwanted intruders.

Kevin Prince, General Manager at Space Station, talks about how the company is a viable option for keeping bigger, staple or sentimental items safe all year round:

“Many people use our facility as an added layer of security to keep items safe that aren’t needed on a regular basis, yet still have a sentimental, or high monetary value.”

While the National Office of Statistics continued to report on a drop in household related crime, the numbers are still only falling by single figure percentages, questioning, are we running the risk of becoming too complacent in our home security and leaving the door open to opportunist?

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