UK Crime Statistics North West

1_833_signaturemail[2]Is your business based in the north west?  Do you have security measures in place?  How secure are your premises? If  your Fire Alarm or Intruder Alarm activates who will attend your premises?

Members of staff can be appointed keyholders from within your own Company but being a keyholder can be an inconvenience for staff members and as an employer you have a duty of care toward your staff.

Factors to Consider

  • Has a Risk Assessment been carried out?
  • Have measures been put in place to reduce the risk for your staff?
  • Have your staff received the relevant training required to be a keyholder?
  • Are your staff able to attend out of hours in your intruder or fire alarm activates?

To view UK Crime Statistics click on the links below

Crime in Wigan Borough Council

Crime in East Cheshire

Crime in Manchester

Crime in Lancashire County Council

Keysec 24 Ltd provides Keyholding, Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols, Vacant Property Inspections and Open and Closing services in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire. We believe in providing an open and transparent service to our clients through the use of anti-tamper, time and date stamped body-cams, all our clients receive real time response times and are able to review each service we provide for them.

For more information on services we provide visit Keysec 24 Ltd Our Services

For crime statistics in your area visit UK Crime Statistics


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