UCP (UK) offer Level 3 awards in firearms training

UCP-UK-large-logoIn line with the move towards standardising training delivered to individuals working in the private security sector, UCP (UK) have developed two programmes endorsed by the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC):

  • Level 3 Award in Firearms Training (7.62/5.56mm) for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers
  • Level 3 Award in Firearms Training (9mm) for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers

The Level 3 Awards offered by UCP (UK) allow potential Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers to develop and maintain their firearms skills through endorsed programmes. Individuals will be trained to the highest standard, using premier ranges overseas and upon successful completion, will be appropriately certified to carry out their job professionally, safely and competently.

Scott Donaldson, Managing Director, UCP (UK) stated:

It is becoming increasingly important for personnel working in the private security sector to undertake structured, competency-based and endorsed training programmes. This not only ensures that individuals are appropriately trained to a high standard to carry out their job, but also assists in improving and standardising training, competencies and professionalism within the sector. Additionally, it allows potential employers to dictate professional development required when recruiting suitable staff.

Our programmes ultimately contribute to homogenising firearms training within the security sector and I am delighted that the hard work, time and dedication over the past 18 months have culminated in the development of these two excellent Awards.”

Colonel Tim Collins OBE, CEO New Century, congratulated UCP (UK) on the development of the two awards:

“Public accountability, standards maintenance and legislative compliance, should be at the forefront of every individual and each company’s performance; UCP (UK) have produced two new programmes that will ensure private security companies (PSC) adhere to the exacting standards that are necessary to operate safely. Their detailed work has resulted in a programme that will allow PSCs to exercise control over their workforce confident that, if they have achieved the Level 3 Firearms programme, they have the best possible chance of operating safely, efficiently and within the law. I congratulate UCP (UK) on their determination, drive and commitment to making security that bit safer.”

In order to enhance the two firearms programmes, UCP (UK) has developed the ‘Ultimate 4’ Training Package, which also includes Level 3 qualifications in Close Protection and First Aid Response. This is the ideal training package for individuals who work, or wish to work within the hostile security sector.

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