uCountit delivers real-time and affordable business intelligence

uCountit delivers real-time, affordable business intelligence

uCountit delivers real-time, affordable business intelligence

There has been no shortage over recent years of specialist software development companies offering retailers ‘business intelligence’ solutions that can help them gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour.

Typically, these solutions have been in the form of software which analyses images captured by cameras that might normally be used for security purposes. The captured data offers the potential for store management, merchandisers and marketing executives to obtain valuable information on, for example, how many people have entered a store, how long they have queued for service or dwelled in a particular aisle.

However, the solutions offered by many of the providers are often too expensive to be deployed by the majority of retailers. They can also be time consuming to set up and the format in which the analysed data is presented, can be complex.

Instantly understandable Dashboard
Fortunately, help is on hand with the introduction of VCA’s cloud based uCountit counting and tracking reporting solution. uCountit’s stripped down Dashboard, developed as a direct result of feedback from existing retail clients, presents the analysed metadata in the form of simple charts, heat maps and reports.

The reports provide real-time information for each store, by hour or day of the week, presented in an understandable format. They are designed to be used with minimal training by operations managers, as well as store and marketing personnel, to assist them with refining their tactics for increasing sales, maintaining customer satisfaction and identifying opportunities to introduce business efficiencies, including making best use of human resources.

Simple implementation
uCountit can be accessed via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. It does not require the installation of specialist software and provides secure data transfer even when operating under an unstable network environment. As a cloud based solution, it offers users the convenience of access to the Dashboard from any location on the network, allowing regional retail managers to monitor activity at individual stores and make comparisons with other stores, whilst they are on the move.

uCountit has been designed to fully support VCA’s recently launched range of high definition IP network video cameras which feature its highly acclaimed analytics technology. With over 300,000 VCA video analytics channels deployed worldwide in other manufacturers’ IP cameras and software, the technology is proven and accurate. Adding uCountit now provides a cost effective option.

“One of the key reasons why VCA analytics has proved to be so popular is because it can be used out-of-the-box with minimal disruption to a company’s business activities,” said Kevin Waterhouse, Executive Vice President, Global Sales for VCA. “With the introduction of uCountit, we can now offer retailers a complete, affordable analytics package that is extremely easy to monitor, as well as to install and implement.”

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