Tyco’s Rapid Deployment Solar Assisted Pole

Solar powered camera
Solar powered camera

Solar powered camera

The Solar Powered Pole allows flexibility for a RDC camera or ANPR camera to be installed to a location without any fixed utility and no need for permanent civil works to position the pole.  This means it can easily be deployed to a suitable location with minimal disruption and moved when the survey/surveillance need is complete.  Typically, these temporary installations would be used where no suitable street furniture or power supply is available and the requirement is for a limited time span.  This may be for surveillance of traffic at temporary road works, a key event, temporary traffic management layouts or vehicle monitoring via ANPR.

  • Easily and quickly installed or relocate
  • Back-up batteries last for approximately 2 weeks
  • Quick release mounting for rapid installation

This table shows the size of the concrete blocks needed depending on the height of the pole and whether it has a camera and/or solar panel.

Concrete Block Size

4m Pole

7m Pole


Solar Panel

800 x 800 x 450

700 x 700 x 450

1200 x 1200 x 450

The concrete mounting blocks have been fully verified as safe and stable by independent structural engineers.

Installation is simply carried out using a vehicle with an appropriate crane with unloading facility and can be completed easily within a few hours, allowing the installation to be carried out off peak under temporary traffic control measures.

The backup batteries are contained within a secure lockable cabinet, which is anchored to the concrete blocks to deter theft. They typically give up to two weeks usage with the Tyco RDC camera.  Additional batteries are made available to extend the life beyond the default 2 weeks.  As soon as power is supplied to the camera, pictures are available to the operator, as the device operates off a 3G cellular transmission system.

Tyco’s unique encoding ensures that data costs are minimised, whilst maintaining good quality video transmission.  Evidence quality recording is optional within the camera unit.  The recorded video can be easily retrieved using WiFi access by a suitably equipped laptop PC.


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