The true value of product training courses for new customers

The true value of product training courses for new customers

by David Davies, Technical Sales Manager, DVS

In reality a lot of customers feel they don’t have the time to attend product training courses and feel they might already know enough. We should all be making the time to develop ourselves and offer the best and latest solutions to our customers. So why run in-house training courses? The answer is simple but effective. A while back we decided to take on the task of setting up in-house training to help our customers setup, program, and commission equipment.

With this in mind, we set on our journey to enhance customer experience by opening our training academy when we moved into our new premises. Here we were able to offer HCSA standard training courses to attendees – making us the first outside of Hikvision UK to offer this. But we found by getting customers into DVS we were able to show them more of who we are and what we can do – from there we could build our relationships with them – wanting our customers to know that they can contact us and expect nothing but the best service. Customers find by attending the training academy that they get to see the products hands on, which is important, and can experience setting up from the very beginning, as if they were on site. We also found that customers felt more comfortable asking questions that they may not have asked previously, thanks to the relaxed atmosphere of the experience – something that generates more knowledge within the industry which is only a good benefit to all.

Another key aspect of this training is that we can show customers how the functions of the technology works and how they can be used to give value added solutions to their clients. This helps to grow their markets, which then leads back into us as well as reducing tech support calls and time on site. It’s fair to say that these training courses are seen by all who attend as truly beneficial.

What we generally see when customers first attend the training is lack of confidence to move to new technologies and products, but before long they’re settled in and configuring the different products – working generally in pairs – where they can share their skills and ideas. By the end, participants not only have the confidence to trust the products, but are ready to try out their new skills.

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