Transport Security Expo conference unveils keynote session

Transec 2013 logo

Transec 2013 logo

Transport Security Expo has unveiled details of a new ‘Major Threats to Transport Security’ session to provide detailed analysis, constructive debate and influential comment.

Comprising a carefully focused sequence of conferences, exclusive knowledge centric workshop programmes and an extraordinarily extensive product exhibition, this singular event has remained a key gathering of minds, fixed in the calendar of governmental and industry professionals from across the world for the past decade.

Transport Security Expo is delighted to unveil the ‘Major Threats to Transport Security’ plenary for the first time this year.

This entirely new addition to the programme of events will clearly identify current overarching threats common across all transport interests, while seeking to foster convergence of thought across our extensive conference programme.

‘Major Threats to Transport Security’ will launch Transport Security Expo 2013 and deliver the following mission critical insight:

  • A 360o Global Threat Assessment
  • Protecting National & Global Transport from Terrorism and Security Threats
  • The Cyber Threat to Global Transport Systems
  • Managing the Risk to Transport Networks from Terrorism and other Crimes

Whilst the threat from terrorism and organised crime has remained a fundamental constant across the transport sector, methods of mitigation vary considerably across individual transport networks.

This top level plenary session serves to emphasis primary issues, delivers the opportunity for a “Grand Live Debate” among all security practitioners.

It will doubtless drive further stimulating discourse across dedicated aviation, maritime and public transport conferences throughout Transport Security Expo.

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