Transec’s 10th anniversary sees record numbers



Transport Security Expo marks its 10th anniversary with exhibitor and delegate numbers hitting record highs. The boost reflects renewed concern over aviation, maritime, mass transit and supply chain security. Visitors to the two-day annual event will therefore experience a much expanded exhibition, conference and workshop programme, very clearly focused on the most pressing issues at hand.

UK Trade Invest (UKTI) hosted foreign delegations from Libya, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Brazil will tour and do business at Transport Security Expo. These important delegations collectively control well in excess of £150bn worth of operationally critical ongoing and planned infrastructure projects across Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Being held once again against a backdrop of ongoing tension on the world stage, an industry wide threat level that remains high and fundamental policy changes under review, Transport Security Expo will reconvene at the Olympia Exhibition & Conference Centre with an unprecedented level of support from governmental entities, the vendor community and key trade associations from 14-15 November 2012.

News that significantly more industry leading suppliers of products and services will exhibit at Transport Security Expo reaffirms that the sector remains buoyant despite the harsh economic climate. A three-fold increase in conference delegate numbers underscores the fact that Transport Security Expo remains a world-class event firmly established in the calendar of industry professionals.

Transport Security Expo is not only renowned for its high level conferences addressing principal concerns in the aviation, maritime, mass transit and supply chain security arenas. Each year it hosts a series of closed door meetings – this time dedicated to ATOC (Policing & Security Forum), ITS (Security Special Interest Group), BIMCO (Ship Owners/CSO’s) and AON (Crisis Management Workshop) – which bring senior level government and industry people together in a secure setting to formulate strategy going forward.

Open door technology workshop events at Transport Security Expo focus upon mitigation techniques across the threat spectrum, delivering real world and mission critical insight.

UK Trade Invest (UKTI) hosted foreign delegations attending Transport Security Expo have significant budgets earmarked for their critical national infrastructure. Brazilian budget spend across the gamut of port, road, rail, urban mobility and airport projects is around £130bn over the next four years. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has factored in a near £10bn spend on airport upgrade projects over the next three years. A substantial proportion of these budgets will undoubtedly be related to security.

Transport Security Expo actively supports exhibitors and buyers alike, with a dedicated programme aimed at bringing key people together, to exploit potential industry-wide business opportunities across the possible threat spectrum, during its annual industry professionals gathering from 14-15 November 2012.

While reflecting upon the seemingly intractable security challenges that continue to bedevil the collective transport industries, Transport Security Expo’s extensive conference programme aims to bring clarity to the threats currently faced and those that may be over the near horizon.

Transport Security Expo delegates have frequently debated how resourceful and nimble our adversaries actually are, not to mention best practice techniques to mitigate or head off the potential impact from the terrorist or criminal fraternity over the past decade. Significant security issues remain across the transport domain space and they could combine to create the perfect storm conditions to have serious and long lasting impact.

Transport Security Expo conference chairmen Andrew McClumpha, Director, LeighFisher; Mathew Finn, Managing Director, Augmentiq, Chris Trelawny, Deputy Director Maritime Security and Facilitation, International Martime Organisation (IMO), Giles Noakes, Chief Maritime Security Officer, BIMCO, Neil Skelton, Head of Professional Services, ITS UK and Chris Lynch, Transport Security Lead, Deloitte, will preside over discussion in the prime arena.

Within the context of the aviation, maritime, mass transit and supply chain sectors, six specialised Transport Security Expo workshops will focus on passenger screening, freight and cargo security, terminal and facilities protection, perimeter security & hostile vehicle mitigation, shipping protection and rail security.

Transport Security Expo workshop sessions will be chaired by Ian Taylor, Editor, Cargo Security International; Chris Yates, Principal, Yates Consulting, Graham le Fevre, Former Head of Security, British Army, Graham Basset, UK Vice Chairman, Operation ASIS, Steven Jones, Maritime Director, SAMI and Roy Cooper, Publisher, Professional Security Magazine.

Transport Security Expo is also delighted to announce that Admiral Lord West of Spithead will host a luncheon for dignitaries and senior ranking officials in the global transportation arena.

Lord West produced the United Kingdom’s first National Security Strategy and Cyber Security strategy as well as formulating a series of other groundbreaking strategies. These included the counter-terrorist (Contest 2); Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) and Cyber Security policies of Her Majesty’s Government. Lord West left government in 2010 and currently acts as a strategic advisor across the defence and security sector.

Transport Security Expo will reconvene at the Olympia Exhibition & Conference Centre 14-15 November 2012.


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