Traka unveils new iPad lockers to protect valuable devices


Traka have launched an electronic locker system to help maintain control of iPads and other valuable tablet devices.

The new iPad Lockers will ease security and management concerns by enabling organisations to store devices in intelligent lockers controlled remotely by staff.

Each locker has built-in charge functionality and can be opened using biometric, smartcard or keypad entry. RFID tagging of each device and locker allows you to automate the process of identifying and individually accounting for each iPad.

Using Traka’s management software, the lockers provide easy administration and reporting functionality to identify if an iPad is in its locker, when it was taken or returned and by whom. This makes it easier to identify iPads that are returned late, damaged or lost. It also means staff no longer need to waste time manually allocating and tracking devices.

John Kent, President of Traka, said: “Tablets are an exciting addition to the way organisations, including the police force, operate. However, they could also cause management problems for staff as they try to protect the investment and its contents ensuring devices remain secure and out of the wrong hands. Laptop, weapon and radio lockers are already in use and now we can offer this proven technology for tablet management too.”

As each customer will have a specific set of requirements, Traka’s solution can be adapted to specifically meet the needs of each organisation. Traka’s research and development team will work closely with each organisation to tailor the solution to match its exact requirements. Traka can also be fully integrated with the organisation’s current access control systems meaning implementation is a smooth, quick process.

For more information or to order iPad Lockers, please email, visit or call +44 (0)1234 712345


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