Traka receives certification for Lenel OnGuard integration

trakaTraka has completed certification for the latest version of Lenel’s flagship OnGuard software to provide customers with total security and facilities management solution from a single interface.

The Traka integration software v1.8 has been certified for Lenel OnGuard v6.5.624 and v6.6.287, the industry standard in electronic access control and security software.  As a member of the Open Access Alliance Program (OAAP) with Lenel for three years, this is the third successful certification for Traka with OnGuard, previously certified with versions v6.4.500 and v6.3.249.

The integration is especially important for end users looking to control access to and audit facility keys, fleet vehicles and high value assets including tablets and radios, and have centralized administration from the familiar OnGuard environment.  The integration allows for administrators to easily grant access to keys and assets secured in Traka key cabinets and intelligent locker systems leveraging standard OnGuard cardholder credentials.  Traka’s customizable events and alarms (e.g. item taken, item returned, item overdue) are posted to OnGuard alarm monitoring which provides limitless alert, notification and reporting possibilities.

Traka’s seamless integration with Lenel OnGuard has provided exponential benefits in various industries. Leading technology companies are employing Traka integrated solutions in data centers for managing and tracking facility keys, data rack keys and radios.  In universities, Traka provides controlled access to vital building keys and delivers important vehicle utilization metrics to fleet managers.  In hospitals, Traka secures sensitive area keys and blood bank override keys with multiple levels of authorization.  This only scratches the surface of what a Traka integrated solution can achieve.

The OnGuard integration in particular has created key benefits for end users, such as significant time and cost savings in reduced administration overhead and data input error through seamless cardholder, badge and access level integration.  Data only has to be entered and maintained in a single system and ensures information is consistent throughout multiple databases.  A fully integrated solution provides significant security benefits too.  If an organization utilizes exit readers on doors or turnstiles, such as a data center, prison or high security facility, it is possible to define business rules that can track access into the facilities, keys and assets, and then restrict access out of the facilities until all keys and assets have been safely returned.  Also, you can ensure the correct individual has taken a key or asset before being allowed to enter a particular facility or area.  This level of system intelligence helps ensure operational procedures are being fully complied with while increasing security.

An additional benefit is that administrators of Lenel only need minimal training with the addition of Traka systems due to the familiarity and feel of the OnGuard interface.  A Traka system can be up and running in no time.

Of the companies on the Fortune 100, 92 are already using Lenel’s OnGuard system for access control and security. Now, businesses can meet their key and asset protection needs by implementing Traka’s advanced key management and locker systems to provide a total solution for security and facilities management.

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