Traditional Irish Pub benefits from megapixel cameras & Milestone XProtect

PUB benefits from IP Video Surveillance
PUB benefits from IP Video Surveillance

PUB benefits from IP Video Surveillance

Project Challenge:

Changing light levels in pubs tends to be a challenge not always best coped with by surveillance systems. More and more pubs are being subject to theft, scamming operations and accusations of breaches of health & safety measures. Matt Molloy’s is the best known Westport pub in Japan, Alaska, and probably Timbuktu. In the course of their innumerable world tours, Matt Molloy and the illustrious Chieftains have brought its name to a vast and varied audience, along with a taste of the traditional music that flows from it – dark, deep and unpasteurised, like its pints. Matt Molloy’s for those who haven’t had the good fortune to visit it, consists of a front bar, middle bar, back bar and the action packed session room. The bar areas are very low lit, just the type of atmosphere ideal for deep conversation and hushed undertones. While the session room out the back is a big airy room, conducive to ceol agus craic. The management in Matt Molloy’s wanted a robust surveillance system that was easy to retrieve footage and that the footage they could see was clear and incontrovertible.

GVD | making IP easy Solution:

Publicans are demanding much better quality video surveillance systems but with an eye on price. The traditional box cameras are falling out of favour as they intrude on refurbishments. Dome cameras for their wall & ceiling mounting options are becoming the preferred choice. 1080p Dome cameras are being used to cover wide areas in pubs which gives just over 2.1 million megapixels in the picture, allowing for sharp detail, whether during daylight hours or during night time.
Matt Molloy’s decided to upgrade its surveillance system to an IP system using a combination of 1.3MP and 2MP cameras both indoors and outdoors. The internal day/night dome ACTi ACM3411 cameras are delivering superior results than the previous analog system. As the Session room is a larger area, 1080p IQinVision MX-Alliance Domes were chosen to give sharper detail on a wider area of interest. With the system now up and running, Matt hopes to also use it to record some of the famous music sessions in the aptly named ‘Session Room’ and add them to the pub’s website. 1.3 Megapixel IR Bullet ACTi ACM1231 cameras were mounted on the exterior of the pub to survey the entrances, smoking area and adjoining lane way. These cameras are fully PoE and IP66 rated.

Till Security
Using megapixel cameras over tills, gives a sharp image of what notes are transacted, so any shortfalls when cashing up can be isolated using special XProtect Transact tools in the Video Management Software. This Transact tool synchronises the video footage with the till receipt, so the POS system now becomes an intelligent video data driven analysis tool allowing publicans to ensure that everything tallies. They can isolate the video footage quickly and easily by searching by transaction type for example Laser. This syncs all the Laser transactions on the till receipt with the video footage when a Laser transaction was completed. This system has helped many a Publican to amicably resolve a customer dispute over allegations of incorrect cash back given.

Customer Result:

David Keane from Alarmcare, based in Galway, installed the IP system. He says, “Matt Molloy’s are really happy with the Milestone XProtect® Essential system. From a user’s point of view it is so easy to export footage and to set up different views on sets of cameras really quickly. As an installer, the fact that all the cameras are PoE made the cabling much easier and the on-site support I got from GVD was invaluable.”

Seamus Geraghty, Manager of Matt Molloy’s says,“We’re very happy with the picture quality that we are getting from the new ACTi & IQinVision cameras in comparison to the previous analog cameras we had in place. The Milestone Smart Client is easy to use and we are able to display and review any of the cameras with just a few clicks of the mouse. It has helped us to identify incidents much faster and with much more certainty than in the past.”

For Pub surveillance the main advantages of an IP solution are:

• Megapixel picture quality for superior image qualityin changing light levels
• Unequivocal video evidence to defend false insurance claims
• Scalability, allowance with server & Milestone Essential to add more cameras without requiring a new DVR (up to 26)
• Milestone software to watch live footage and playback simultaneously

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