Tower Light and Onwatch secure London’s Olympic Park

Onwatch - Tower LightOnwatch have deployed three Tower Light TL Security Systems to help guard the Olympic Park in East London.

The system is on a long term hire to the park’s custodians and will help to protect the area from trespass, vandalism and other form of anti-social behaviour.

As the Olympic Park is often unmanned between events, close security is vital. Therefore Onwatch has provided the site with the latest TL mobile master unit accompanied by three portable slave units, wirelessly linked together, to provide a high-degree of close security.

The system includes 24/7 CCTV infra-red monitoring, with a zoom and spin facility, which gives clear images both throughout the day or during the dark of the night. In addition, the module is able to make audio announcements to warn away intruders and has the ability to instantly contact a mobile patrol or, if necessary, the Police.

The Olympic Park TL security set-up is remotely connected, via ADSL and 3G, to the Onwatch Worldwide Monitoring Service, which is a British Standard 5979 Category 2 approved worldwide monitoring control centre. The centre was purposely built and operates 24/7 – 365 days per year.

The TL Master Security Tower is a mobile, self powered unit which will run for up 700 hours on a single tank of fuel and the three slave units are connected to the master by a single, heavy-duty mains cable. The CCTV camera system is fitted to a vertical hydraulic mast with a public address system, anti – climb bracket, heat and movement detectors, multi directional WIFI and a siren and strobe.

“Our system was recommended to the site operators by an event manager, who had just staged an event at the park,” explained Tower Light UK MD Paul Hay. “The event manager was aware of our products and suggested that Onwatch would be an ideal company to provide security to the park in between events.”

Onwatch plc was formed in 1991 and was originally a family-owned business. Over time the company has grown into a leading security provider with offices in Sunderland, Shropshire, and Sussex. Onwatch has partner firms in St Lucia and Bahrain. The Onwatch head office is in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Tower Light UK Limited is based in Wymbush, Milton Keynes. UK and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian company TowerLight SRL. Jointly they are a market leader in the manufacturing of mast based lighting and security systems. Tower Light SRL is part of the US based Generac Power Systems Group.


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