Touchless enterprise application access control unveiled by Certes Networks

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Touchless enterprise application access control unveiled by Certes Networks for securing any user on any endpoint

CryptoFlow Solutions automate role-based access control to protect enterprise applications on any apple, windows or android device.

Certes Networks, a leading innovator in software-defined security solutions to protect enterprise applications, today announced the company’s award-winning CryptoFlow product suite offers automatically enforced role-based access control for users on any Apple, Windows or Android device.

Certes’ CryptoFlows are the industry’s first software-defined security solution for safeguarding enterprise applications over any network for any user on any device. They enable “frictionless enterprise” deployments of networked applications to be rolled out without increasing risk.

CryptoFlows block the top attack vector used in hacking attacks worldwide, the compromise of low-privilege users that gives hackers unfettered access to move laterally through enterprise IT resources to reach the most sensitive applications.

The product suite creates secure virtual overlays called CryptoFlows that protect enterprise applications end to end. CryptoFlow secure overlay can connect authorised users on any device to applications in a data centre, cloud, virtualised environment or distributed and hybrid deployment.

The security manager can set access control policies based on previously-defined users’ roles in the enterprise, perfectly aligning security with business objectives. The CryptoFlows automatically enforce consistent policies and access control for authorised users on smartphone, tablets and laptops running iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

 Benefits include:

  • The ability to seamlessly secure applications for users on any network inside or outside the enterprise, including the LAN, WAN, Internet, cloud, WiFi, mobile and other networks.
  • Protection and policies automatically enforced across siloes and require no changes to the network or applications. All control is in the hands of the security manager.
  • Applications safely extended to external parties, including contractors, supply chain members, professional services firms and partner companies. If one of these external users is compromised, hackers are blocked from accessing the most sensitive applications.
  • Touchless endpoint support means users never have to activate a VPN or client or use complex log-ins that waste time and lead users to adopt unauthorised “Shadow IT” applications.
  • Automatic crypto-segmentation that isolates and protects applications when hackers get past the firewall. Certes CryptoFlows are infrastructure agnostic, enforcing security with standalone policy enforcers or as virtualised enforcement points in the Cloud or in enterprise data centres.
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