TOA introduces a new voice evacuation and public address system

TOA introduces a new voice evacuation and public address system

TOA introduces a new voice evacuation and public address system

TOA Corporation UK presents the VX-3000 system, a combined highly integrated voice evacuation and public address system.

TOA’s expanding portfolio of cleverly designed products show their inventiveness, technical expertise and extensive experience, whilst their high quality innovations have led them to over 80 years of success.

The VX-3000 System is made up of just 3 components, with no master unit, meaning that if one unit fails the system will still operate as normal. The limited number of components makes the design and installation of the VX-3000 much easier, as well as saving space and reducing cable complexity. This enables rapid system configuration and makes the VX-3000 a cost effective system.

This system comes with low loss modular class D amplifiers, with 3 different output ratings. These can easily be removed or replaced simply by unplugging them; there is no need for specialist tools. By using low loss modular class D amplifiers the system becomes much more energy efficient and keeps the operating costs low.

The VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture. The system can be used with up to 256 microphones. Whether it’s an office building, airport, hotel, factory, school or hospital – the VX-3000 provides superb sound quality and high reliability. A certified version will be available in autumn 2016.

About TOA Electronics Europe

Founded in 1934 in the Japanese city of Kobe, the TOA Corporation draws upon more than 80 years of experience in research developing and selling of professional audio and security technology. Starting with the first transistor megaphone, TOA became a globally operating company and now sells voice evacuation systems and acoustic solutions in over 120 countries. “We supply sound not equipment”. TOA provides professional audio solutions for all kinds of applications – e.g. schools, concert halls, shopping malls, airports and stadiums.

The TOA product range includes:

- Voice Evacuation Systems and loudspeakers (also available in certified versions)
- Intercom Systems
- Loudspeakers
- ProSound Systems
- Wireless Microphone Systems
- Conference Systems

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