TKH Security Solutions launches its integrated Ethernet over Coax



TKH Security Solutions today announced the release of its integrated Ethernet over Coax (EoC) solution, the Siqura ECO Plug. This device equips Siqura IP cameras and codecs with an interface option that inserts directly into the camera and streams IP video over any coax infrastructure. TKH Security Solutions is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer an integrated adaptor for Ethernet over coax, thereby providing a unique feature that reuses legacy coax infrastructures while facilitating CCTV system upgrades to IP, high-definition (HD), or megapixel platforms.

Optimal migration path for IP networks and HD and megapixel devices

Traditional analog networks around the globe contain coax and fiber optic cabling. As the preference for digital streaming continues to gain ground, it has been necessary to either replace these infrastructures or install media converters and separate power supplies. As both of these are rather inefficient options, they have consequently hindered the transit and security industries from transitioning to IP or to HD or megapixel devices. The integrated approach from TKH Security Solutions offers a flexible, efficient, and effective solution that helps users reap the benefits of both the available infrastructure and the latest technological advancements.

Efficient installation procedure

The Siqura ECO Plug and its corresponding fiber optic option are small form-factor pluggable (SFP) or mini GBIC transceivers that transmit Ethernet/IP signals over coax or fiber optic cabling. These options supplement the standard RJ 45 connector for streaming Ethernet over a Cat 5 infrastructure. Moreover, whereas Cat 5 cables can only stream effectively for up to 100 meters, fiber optic and coax cabling extends the transmission range by hundreds of meters. This results in an efficient and simple installation procedure that improves the overall performance of a system.


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