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Video Surveillance systems are everywhere and create an enormous number of digital video file assets. HD and Megapixel systems in particular are becoming more commonplace. New security systems employing the latest IP camera technology have introduced video surveillance capabilities to an even broader marketplace, generating even more data assets. When video surveillance systems are integrated with behaviour recognition and transaction processing systems, they perform amazing and beneficial services that were not possible only a short time ago.

However, when it comes to video lifecycle management, storage, and retention of this video data, the majority of these systems are lacking. Many of today’s video surveillance products focus solely on one unique task and produce an output that the customer must determine how to best manage. There are few complete video lifecycle management solutions that can Record, Store, and Manage valuable video data assets.

The vSAM Platform coordinates video image feeds, forensic analytics, primary and secondary storage management, and intelligent, short or long term, retention. Another challenge all surveillance systems face a limitation in the amount of storage they can house and manage. To keep space available, those systems begin a process of overwriting recently acquired data. And even the systems that can manage larger amounts of storage run into problems associated with data proliferation, such as ever increasing costs and difficulties in finding data when it is needed for playback.

Furthermore, surveillance video data is quickly becoming subject to the same management regulations and retention methodologies that organizations must adhere to with other corporate data. As the surveillance market continues to converge with mainstream information technology, organizations are searching for a video lifecycle management solution designed specifically for surveillance video data.

True Video Lifecycle Management
The vSAM Platform has been uniquely designed to manage stored video assets as well as direct video feeds from RTSP enabled IP-cameras and efficiently and effectively manages the continually growing pool of video surveillance files that organizations have to manage. It efficiently manages video asset storageby enabling users to easily create and configure powerful, automated, video lifecycle management policies. Policies automatically capture data and, when applicable, move eligible surveillance data to secondary storage while maintaining its full resolution.

Multi-Tiered Storage
Instead of simply overwriting the previous day’s, week’s, or month’s captured video assets on primary storage or storing massive amounts of mostly low-value data, vSAM relocates video data, in its entirety, to cost effective secondary storage. The vSAM Information Repository is a federated, multi-tiered, storage environment comprising various storage resources. As video data becomes eligible, based on its motion detection level, age, space thresholds, or other user configurable parameters, it is automatically preserved on progressively less expensive storage, where it can be maintained for a lower per-gigabyte cost. Storage resources can include any digital medium such as less expensive hard disk; any digital data tape medium, as well as Blu-ray optical. vSAM also provides full data and media management.

Video data is initialized with a digital fingerprint and continually tracked as it is moved along to the storage resources that meet its storage longevity and retrieval performance requirements. It is even tracked when it is removed from hard drives or tape drives to be stored offline. vSAM also provides a“Chain of Custody” capability to ensure the integrity of the video.

Easy Video Tracking and Retrieval
vSAM is unrivalled in its ability to search and retrieve; playback, edit, and export stored video data. As video, these assets are captured into the vSAM Information Repository, file attributes are captured and catalogued (these include name, type, dates, size, etc). vSAM also extracts and catalogs additional meta data from the video file itself, which can include time codes, motion detection statistics (when supported), camera information, and analytic based event information. Thumbnail representations and a playable, low-resolution companion files are also created and catalogued as the video is captured.  Search results are represented by thumbnails that, when clicked, launch the playback of the low resolution companion video (that was created at the time of capture) in a video player featuring a full suite of playback and file clipping capabilities.

These thumbnails and companion files enable vSAM to provide relevant search results quickly. They also enable the user to peruse video files, in their entirety if need be, without first having to retrieve the high resolution original from data storage. Once the user identifies the needed video and (if necessary) has clipped a section of the video file for export, that video segment is sent to an export queue. Additional instructions in the export queue determine how the file can be sent to a designated network location, an FTP site, an Email address, a DVD burner, or another export destination.

Secvido is an innovative and fast growing developer of video security asset management solutions for the global Video Security & Surveillance markets. Our core product is the vSAM Platform which is used by security professionals worldwide to manage their valuable Video Security and Surveillance assets.  Secvido is founded early 2010 and is a privately held company being operated from Utrecht, The Netherlands with a branch office in Brasil.

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