Thales showcasing integrated security solutions at UK Security Expo 2016

Thales showcasing integrated security solutions at UK Security Expo 2016

Thales showcasing integrated security solutions at UK Security Expo 2016

Thales is one of the UK’s prime contractors attending this year’s UK Security Expo. Thales will be meeting key government officials, SME partners and potential customers to discuss how together they can equip decision makers within civil and defence markets with end to end, integrated solutions to remove or contain risk within critical environments.

As one of the world’s largest providers of security solutions, Thales has unique insight into the challenges faced by organisations having to make daily decisions that impact the security of people, places, sensitive data, commercial activities and critical national infrastructure.

Liz Baker, Export Business Development Director, Thales UK said:

“In today’s interconnected world, risk, complexity and uncertainty are growing in environments where security is vital. At airports, national borders, public event venues, in cities, throughout our Critical National Infrastructure – it is becoming increasingly difficult to minimise the disruptive impact of both physical and cyber threats.”

UK Security Expo gives us the opportunity to showcase the breadth of our capability and connect with both customers and potential partners to innovate together, augmenting our group strengths with best of breed UK SMEs. Thales has world leading capabilities assuring safety in transport systems and hubs, delivering surveillance at borders through sensors and unmanned systems, securing events with biometrics and biological detection capabilities, protecting citizens and their data with our encryption solutions, on land, at sea, in the air and in space.

When designing, and delivering solutions, Thales draws on its long-term relationships built with customers, and its intimate knowledge of security operations and environments where safety and security are of paramount importance. By doing this, Thales leverages a high ‘delivery culture’, world-class smart technologies, global partnerships, and the combined expertise of 65,000 employees worldwide, 6,500 of whom are based within the UK.

Among the many solutions Thales will be showcasing at the event are:

• Commercial encryption solutions
• Border Security
• Smart Cities and Urban security systems
• Cyber Security
• Civil Biometrics
• Information System Security
• Optronics solutions
• Persistent surveillance solutions
• Critical Infrastructure Protection
• Air Traffic Management
• Training and Simulation

Thales will be at the 2016 UK Security Expo at Olympia, Prime Contractors Lounge, London, taking place from 30 November to 1 December.

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